17 August 2010

Dear Voter,


The 2010 Federal Election Family Values Checklist is your guide to the essential values and character of our political parties and their moral and ethical position on core issues affecting families!


Download your free copy here –

2010 Federal Election Family Values Checklist (High Res PDF - Colour)
               2010 Federal Election Family Values Checklist (Low Res PDF - Colour)

2010 Federal Election Family Values Checklist (Low Res PDF - B&W)
          lists the core values of our Nation drawing on our Judeo-Christian Heritage. It lays bare for all to see, the position of the Political Parties on these core values. Their adherence to these values will determine their decisions and actions in Government. The Politician’s values (or lack of them) are a predictor of the extent of “social engineering” they are likely to engage in and to what extent they enact pro-family life or anti-family life legislation and spending programs. is about the human person and the human heart. It is about fatherly instincts and protecting our children. It declares the values we hold dear out of concern for our children and our nation.


And has at its core the fundamental truths of traditional marriage, fatherhood, motherhood, children and their innocent childhood, and the family as the bedrock of society. It holds as paramount the family home where children are freely educated in their parents faith, culture and tradition, where knowledge, a compassionate character and the story of each unique family is imparted to the next generation. is the home web portal of a new emerging grassroots movement in Australia. The trend has started and it won’t be stopped - Countless lives depend on its success. The future of our Men, Women, Fathers, Mothers, our Sons and Daughtershangs in the balance and at stake are outcomes for our children, parents and families across our great Southland of Australia.


So where do the interests of men feature in the 2010 Federal Election?


 In large part the needs of men have been forgotten as the Pollies compete in a “race to the bottom” with daily political slurs, smears, innuendo and false promises. And yet men are the biggest minority  group in the nation at 49.6% of the voting public. upholds the time tested values and institutions that have served us well for generations.


We support the family -

The foundation of our society is the traditional family of mum, dad and the kids. No other family form can efface the role of the biological parents who love and care for their own flesh and blood.

When children lose a parent we recognise this as a tragedy. Yet social “progressives” sanction children being born into the world or adopted out purposefully without either a mother or a father. Such decisions always involve human anguish but the present and future harm done to children by excluding a biological parent is conveniently ignored to satisfy the aspirations and desires of adults. When children are thought of as separate to their biological parents, they are in fact treated like property. The challenge of our times is to get back to our core values, the values of family.


We support traditional marriage -

Because marriage between a man and woman provides the safest, richest and best environment for children to flourish and develop their personhood and grow into young adults.

In a committed marriage the bond between husbands and wives is the strongest institution this nation has. They form a family for themselves and their children. The family home is every man’s castle literally... a fortress and safe haven for children to thrive.


We support fathers -

Fathers have a vital role raising their children and honouring their wives, the mother of their children. Fathers bring discipline and order out of chaos. They set boundaries that children need. Boys want to be like their fathers and girls look up to their Dad as a role model. Girls expectations of men are formed by the good example set by their Father. Girls have a side to themselves which derives from knowing their father. Boys too have a side to themselves which comes from knowing their mother. The everyday lived experiences of mums and dads and kids is that gender matters and children need both their mother and father.


We support mothers –

Mother is the most popular word in the English language and for good reason. At we believe that women as mothers have been marginalised by anti-mother politically correct policy that discriminates against mothers who want to be mothers. Mothers are irreplaceable and deserve everyone’s support and respect.


We support children –

Our children are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Cherish the Children: We simply must as a civilised and caring nation, work to end the suffering of children. Ours is a century of inhumanity and children are the easiest and most plentiful victims. Political reforms must start with the children and the family out of which good things will grow.


Value Your Vote:

In the days approaching the Australian Federal Election we are constantly bombarded with claim and counter claim, clichés, slogans and repetition designed to clobber the opposition, attract voters and win your vote this coming Saturday. 


How much do you value your own vote? ... Clearly the politicians are spending millions of dollars to win you over. They know the power and the incredible value of your personal vote! A power so great it will make or break political futures and set the course for Australia.


But do the Politicians really deserve to have your vote? What are they promising this time? Empty promises again! And how can you believe they will do what they say they will do?!?


That’s where the 2010 Federal Election Family Values Checklist is your valuable guide to the essential character of the Parties. This information is yours too see at a glance to compare and contrast the Parties. Sadly it indicates that some have drifted far from the central values we hold dear.


We sincerely hope that this newly compiled checklist will assist you to make up your mind this coming Saturday and make your vote count for all men, women, children and their families.


When women are treasured men do well. Equally when men are valued women do well. When mothers and fathers are truly respected, treated with dignity and honestly represented by our political leaders then the whole family prospers.


Lastly you might ask yourself, which Political Party is in the right place and right mind to be Champions of Children.


And which Party will better serve and actively champion the rights and best interests of the family?


It takes a lot of time and input to shape good leaders – it takes a family to sow the seed and forge good character.

So make your vote count today for families...!


Please help us to grow in our work to serve you better.


And I urge you to please forward this email and  Spread the Word!!! to your family and friends.


Yours sincerely,


Edward Dabrowski


Authorised by Edward Dabrowski, 5 Sampson Rd, Bunbury WA 6230

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