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Vote NO to homosexual adoption of kids

1 September 2010                                                                                      

The New South Wales Parliament is set to vote on the same-sex adoption bill this week, the most radical anti-family piece of social engineering proffered in recent times. MensVote urges all NSW parliamentarians to reject the gay adoption bill. Contrary to Sydney Independent MP Clover Moore’s assertions about the merits of her Bill, this Bill in fact violates the best interests of children and every child’s inalienable right to a mother and a father. If passed it would deny children their right to a family with mum and dad providing masculine fatherly love and feminine motherly love and nurture. MensVote Convenor Mr Edward Dabrowski said today, “The Bill attempts to establish a so-called “right “of homosexuals to adopt at the expense of children and their needs – it is shamelessly and blatantly a homosexual rights bill. He said, “The Bill is being falsely promoted as a children’s rights bill when clearly it would remove the right of children to the man-woman, father-mother model of parenting. Mr Dabrowski said that “if the parliament was really serious about protecting children it would desist from disenfranchising children of their right to a mother and a father”. He said that “given this attack on children’s rights the parliament should consider instead, new child-protective legislation to establish a rebuttable presumption that ongoing homosexual relations by an adult seeking or exercising parental rights is not in the best interest of the child.” By way of example, Family Courts had ruled previously that the promiscuous homosexual lifestyle of some separated parents were detrimental and a risk to children and reason enough to restrict parental contact.

The Bill if passed would allow homosexual and lesbian couples to adopt NSW babies and children, thereby denying them either a mother or a father.  Mr Ed Dabrowski urged parliamentarians to reflect on the fact that “father’s day this coming Sunday would be denied to children adopted by lesbian couples. Similarly mother’s day would cease to be a reality for babies adopted by two homosexual men.” Mr Dabrowski said today, “Parliamentarians should refuse to create legally fatherless children. I urge them to think again and not create legally motherless children either. The Bill is scandalous in the way it sets out to amend clause 6 of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Regulation 2006 to omit any reference to the adoptive “mother” and “father.” Mr Dabrowski warned, “It is part of a wider orchestrated campaign to extinguish the language of the natural family and cut biological ties by removing words such as mother and father from legislation and any other wording that imports traditional meaning to marriage. It is part of the homosexual lobby’s assault on the Marriage Act.  A Bill that allows adoption by any two persons, in particular two same-sex persons, is a proxy vote for same-sex marriage. It is a daring grab for the “goods” of marriage, the children, which normally result from the union of a man and woman in the natural family. Not only does this Bill offend the spirit and intentions of the Federal Marriage Act, but it also treats children as goods and chattels by offering children to be adopted by any two persons. Children’s biological ties to their mother and father are paramount. When a child loses their mother or father we grieve and acknowledge the tragedy. Adoption has allowed children a second chance to have a mum and a dad, yet disturbingly the Bill before the NSW parliament seeks to ensure that children can be raised motherless or fatherless and in operation would preference homosexual partners ahead of the queue of married couples waiting to adopt children. “

MensVote Australia is a relational network of groups. It was established to advocate for the rights of children, parents and families and to preserve the traditional and legal definition that marriage is the union between a mother and father to the exclusion of all others.

MensVote will be involved and proactive during the coming NSW State Election to ensure the best outcome for children. Mr Dabrowski said today, “I find it extraordinary how this Government would allow a conscience vote on a bill that violates society’s rules of incest.” The rules of incest, and every society has them, have protected children growing up in the home from sexual exploitation and permitted them to develop love, tenderness and affection, to sit on people’s laps and to be put to bed gently, to be bathed and caressed and cared for by adults who would not exploit them, because of the incest rules they’ve grown up with. Same sex partners are not regarded as being bound by incest taboos.

Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC), (who are supportive of homosexual parenting), recently published the results of their review of 21 homosexual parenting studies in the American Sociological Review. Not only did they find flaws in the majority of studies, they also discovered that most of the studies do in fact show that there are differences between children raised by homosexuals and those raised by heterosexuals. They write: “We have....challenged the predominant claim that the sexual orientation of parents does not matter at all.” Some of the findings include:

• Sons of lesbian mothers behave in less traditionally masculine ways than those raised by heterosexual mothers;

• A significantly greater proportion of young adult children raised by lesbian mothers than raised by heterosexual mothers reported having had a homoerotic relationshipundefined24% raised by lesbians vs. zero raised by heterosexuals;

• A study on gay fathers and their adult sons found a “moderate degree of parent-to-child transmission of sexual orientation;”

• 64 percent of young adults raised by lesbian mothers report having considered same-sex relationships (in the past, now, or in the future), compared with only 17 percent of those raised by heterosexual mothers;

• Lesbian mothers reported that their children, especially daughters, more frequently dress, play and behave in ways that do not conform to sex-typed cultural norms. recently published a values comparison Checklist for the Federal Election. A similar list will be published for the NSW State Election to provide the public with real and informed choice and to know which political parties promote anti-family ideologies.

The historical record reveals that the traditional definition of marriage is grounded in society’s interest in channelling potentially procreative sexual relationships between men and women into enduring, stable family units to increase the likelihood that children will be raised by the man and woman whose union brought them into the world.

The NSW parliament should not be embarking on a radical social experiment that ignores the rules of incest and treats motherhood and fatherhood with contempt. It should not legislate to treat vulnerable children as goods and chattels to be denied a mother or father. It should not allow kids to be placed in the most unstable homes of homosexual partners with one parent missing, there being no mother or no father present for the balanced development, socialisation and upbringing of the child throughout the child’s formative years.

We urge the NSW parliament to resoundingly reject the same-sex adoption bill as it would harm children and the fabric of the natural family on which our society and culture is based.

We also urge the NSW parliament not to be hoodwinked by the homosexual lobby’s ploy to gain special rights and access to children ahead of mother-and-father headed families waiting to adopt, as part of a well known strategy to breakdown marriage laws and the traditional family.

And we respectfully remind all NSW parliamentarians of Australia’s treaty obligations to preserve the natural family and at all times and in all situations where possible, protect the best interests of children in having a mother and a father to parent them through life and especially the vulnerable tender years of childhood.


Media Contact:  Edward Dabrowski Tel. 0409 917 345

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