MENSVOTE.COM – we are a coalition of men and fathers’ groups, family law reform groups, pro-marriage and family friendly charities.

We value the traditional family and traditional marriage between a man and woman. Marriage between a man and woman is the bedrock of society.

We reject the intrusion of the State into the private domain of the family and attempts to redefine marriage for the same-sex agenda.

We recognise that children have a birth right to their mother and their father and that the traditional family form best provides for children’s safety, growth and development.

We support children’s rights and parental rights: We support equal shared parenting and equal access to both parents for children of separated and divorced families. We support parents that are fit, willing and able to share their parenting time and responsibilities. We seek the reform of Family Law and the Divorce Industry to cease separating and alienating children from one of their parents, usually the father.

We seek to raise awareness that denial of contact with one’s children as ordered by the State in Family Law cases is causing major medical and social problems for men, leading men to poor health, lost relationships, grief and poverty. Denial of contact and segregating children from their parents is a form of child abuse and is unacceptable in our times.

We reject the intention of Government to amend Family Law in 2011 to use developmental milestones of children as reasons to exclude Dads and deny shared parenting.

We seek to reform the child support system which still disproportionately burdens the father and has embedded in it a hidden undeclared level of spousal support.

We seek to reform Divorce Laws that encourage easy unilateral divorce and fail to support couples in need of counselling and marriage support. These laws are wrongheaded and unfairly treat marriages as broken and irreconcilable rather than assisting with reconciliation for the sake of the family and the children.

We reject attempts by Government agencies such as the Human Rights Commission to scrub churches and faith communities from the public square. We reject attempts to limit religious freedom or to redefine it narrowly as meaning only “Freedom to Worship”. We reject attempts to establish secularism as the only acceptable basis for moral judgment and legal judgements.

We are pro-life and believe in the dignity of persons.

We seek to address the epidemic of poor outcomes for men and boys in education and life driven by a feminist culture that has demonstrated antagonism to men. We will work for a fairer balance of social services to support men and their parenting.

We seek to have more men enter the teaching professions to provide gender balance for the development of boys.

We advocate for men’s health and wellbeing and encourage Government to fund an Office for the Status of Men, dedicated to men’s needs and interests and charged with reversing the decline in the enjoyment of life that men experience.

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